Central/South Coast

School bike rack showing a lot of student bikes.Central and South Coast Regional Network
(Caltrans Districts 5 & 7)

Welcome to the SRTS Regional Network page for Caltrans Districts 5 and 7. This region covers the central coast from Santa Cruz County down to Los Angeles County. Information on this page is specific for individuals, agencies, and organizations conducting or considering starting a SRTS program or projects in these counties. Regional Network calls for this region are also open to Caltrans District 12 (Orange County). For more information, questions, or to share upcoming events or resources, please contact Victoria Custodio (District 5) or Kristin Haukom (District 7). Click here for the regional network for Caltrans District 12.

Cycle 3 funded two Non-Infrastructure projects in District 5 and seven Non-Infrastructure projects in District 7. For a list of funded projects, see Caltrans’ project listing here.

Peer Networking Opportunities

An SRTS NI Statewide Network teleconference call is held every first Wednesday of every other month from 1:30pm – 2:30pm.  Our networking calls are a valuable way to learn from other programs, share exciting news or resources, and network with/ask questions of your peers.  We often highlight issues related to funding administration, new resources, and state-of-the-art programmatic information.

Please check back for the details on the next call or contact your regional coordinator (above).


You may also be intersted in connecting with the SRTS National Partnership’s State and Southern CA Networks. There are regular state and southern California network teleconfernces that are open to anyone interested in promoting SRTS in their communities, and cover policy and advocacy issues as well as related topics such as transportation funding and data.

SRTS Projects in the Central and South Coast Regional Network

Visit the websites below to learn more about some of the SRTS projects taking place in the Central/South Coast Regional Network. If you would like to see your program listed here, please contact  Victoria Custodio (District 5) or Kristin Haukom (District 7).