How Can I Get Help?

School bike rack showing a lot of student bikes.
TARC is happy to assist and support schools and communities who are looking to build or expand a SRTS non-infrastructure program.  Contact us for individualized technical assistance to help you create a strong and sustained SRTS Program!

What is TARC?

For assistance with Infrastructure projects, please contact your Caltrans District Local Assistance Engineer.

What does TARC offer?

  • Your TARC Regional Coordinator is available to:
    • Provide individualized on-site, e-mail, or telephone technical assistance to local projects;
    • Help programs locate resources and brainstorm best practices appropriate for your unique community circumstances;
    • Assist in navigating Caltrans websites and locating appropriate contacts and information; and
    • Provide SRTS Workshops or referrals to experts.
  • TARC Coordinators conduct SRTS Workshops at no cost for low-income schools.  Workshops are designed to help communities and schools create sound SRTS programs based on their unique community conditions, promising practices, and resource availability and options. Up to two trainings a year are available in each TARC region.
  • TARC publishes a monthly newsletter that includes a summary of news, research, and training opportunities to support your SRTS work here in California. You can read previous months’ newsletters and sign up to be on our contact list here.

Where you fall on the SRTS Spectrum determines how TARC can assist you best

Are you new to Safe Routes to School?

  1. Read the SRTS National Partnership’s Getting Started Locally
  2. Check if your child’s school already has a Caltrans – funded SRTS/SR2S grant
  3. Consider organizing a Walk and Bike to School event!
  4. Read the National Center for SRTS’ Steps to Creating a SRTS Program
  5. Visit our Starting a Program page

Are you an existing Caltrans SRTS non-infrastructure project with questions?

  1. Visit the Caltrans Awardee section of our website
  2. Read our Caltrans NI Project FAQ
  3. Contact your TARC Regional Coordinator for help
  4. For infrastructure questions, please contact your Caltrans District Local Assistance Engineer.

Are you looking for funding?

  1. Visit our Funding page for funding ideas
  2. Stay on top of funding opportunities by signing up for our email list

Did you apply for SRTS funding but were not accepted?

Don’t get discouraged! There is a high demand for SR2S and SRTS funds and historically Caltrans has received many more applications than it can fund. Consider these next steps:

  1. Call your District Local Assistance Engineer or Caltrans District SRTS Coordinator for feedback on your application.
  2. Review your proposal to evaluate what elements are worth keeping. Bolster ideas that need bolstering, and consider re-submitting your proposal for the next cycle of funding. Also, check other Caltrans funding opportunities that may assist you in becoming an attractive SRTS funding recipient in the future.
  3. Check out the Funding page to get ideas for other ways to raise funds for your non-infrastructure or infrastructure work.
  4. Contact your TARC Regional Coordinator to get ideas for low-cost strategies to continue building support and momentum for your SRTS work.