Manage your Program

Important Note:  The following information applies to Safe Routes to School project awards from the Federal SRTS Cycles 1, 2, 3 (FY 2007 – 2011) and California SRTS Cycles 1 – 10 (FY 2000 – 2012).

This page is designed to help SRTS Non-Infrastructure Programs navigate Caltrans websites to assist in managing their project.

Questions for Caltrans? Your first point of contact with Caltrans should be with your District Local Assistance Engineer or Caltrans SRTS Coordinator.

Still need help? Contact your TARC Regional Coordinator for assistance.

Key Caltrans Guidance Documents for NI Projects

Caltrans NI Project Forms

Caltrans Project Delivery Status

  • SRTS/SR2S Project Delivery Status: Caltrans maintains a project milestone checklist where you can verify that your project is meeting delivery requirements.  Contact your Caltrans District SRTS Coordinator if you have questions regarding your project status.

Project Evaluation Tools

All recipients of California SRTS Federal funds are required to collect data as part of a National Evaluation of Federally Funded SRTS programs.

Evaluating your Safe Routes to School program can take many forms, but may always come down to answering the question, “Is our Safe Routes to School program doing what it intended to do?” Do you want to know if more children at a school are walking and rolling as a result of your efforts?  Are you interested in seeing if the students at your school understand important safety behaviors? Do you want to increase the number of organizations involved in your Safe Routes to School partnership?  Conducting an evaluation of your SRTS efforts can help you meaningfully and reliably answer these questions.

To effectively evaluate your efforts, evaluation planning should be part of your SRTS programmatic planning. To help you get started, please visit the links below for SRTS evaluation guides and tools. If resources permit, you may want to consider hiring a professional evaluator.

TARC is funded by Caltrans through a statewide SRTS Non-Infrastructure project to provide technical assistance, training, and support to SRTS non-infrastructure programs.