Address Equity

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SRTS Planning Workshops

The California SRTS Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) conducts SRTS Workshops at no cost for low-income schools without existing Caltrans SRTS funding. These workshops are designed to help communities and schools create sound SRTS programs based on their unique community conditions, promising practices, and resource availability and options. Up to two trainings a year are available in each of the four TARC regions.

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TARC Resources and Publications

TARC conducts a regular analysis of Caltrans state and federal Safe Routes to School awardees after each funding cycle.  The TARC resources below provide an overview of  state and federal SRTS awards in California by school income category, as defined by student eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Meals from the California Department of Education.

Research Briefs

Implementation Guidance

California Programs and Resources