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SRTS addresses a variety of public health and safety concerns, providing numerous opportunities for funding through diverse health and safety funding streams and programs. SRTS programs can qualify for funding from a variety of sources from transportation, safety and injury prevention, obesity prevention and physical activity promotion, education, and environmental protection, among other sources. The list below will help get you started in finding grant funding for your program.

Potential sources of funds for SRTS programs include those listed below:

Infrastructure Funding

Non-Infrastructure (Education, Encouragement, and Enforcement) Funding

Environmental and Academic Funding and Resources

  • The Captain Planet Foundation funds hands-on environmentally-themed projects for students in elementary school through high school.
  • The Siemens “We Can Change the World” Challenge is offered by Siemens in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association and Discovery Education. The program helps teachers educate students on sustainability issues by providing lesson plans, resource guides, and teaching materials and grants awards in three grade categories (elementary, middle, and high school).
  • The Disney Planet Challenge Project, in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association and others, is a project-based, environmental competition for elementary and middle school students.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency provides educational services for educators, students, youth groups and community or environmental organizations and offers a competitive grants program, environmental education publications for classroom use, and a youth awards program.

Start small

It is important to consider that large infrastructure projects take a long time to conceive, fund, and build. In the meantime, consider what you can do in the short term to facilitate safe walking and bicycling among students. Building support and demonstrating need for SRTS at your school through education, encouragement, evaluation, and enforcement efforts can be critical to securing larger infrastructure funding and make it safer for kids walking and bicycling now. Many SRTS education, encouragement, and enforcement activities can be implemented with little or no funding. Work with local volunteer organizations or bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups to conduct education or staff and coordinate events. Be creative!

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