Sustain Your Work

Five young friends with bicycles scooters and skateboard outdoor

Safe Routes to School programs find support from many different partners. Creative solutions to keeping your efforts moving forward can come from a variety of sources. Building strong relationships with key community partners and leaders and institutionalizing your work into community and school policies and processes is key to sustaining increases in bicycling and walking.

Although not focused exclusively on the active travel needs of students, many advocates, and non-profit organizations work for more walkable and bikeable communities or Complete Streets. For more information on these programs, visit the sites below:

Visit these websites for more information on how to seek funding, pass policies and processes, and build support for a sustained program.

Pass Policies that Support SRTS

Integrate SRTS into the Classroom

By creating strong partnerships with and motivating school staff, you can help institutionalize pedestrian and bicycle education and encouragement into their ongoing curriculum. Visit our Educate Children and Parents Page for ideas!

Find Additional Funding